Dry Sardine Fish

Dry Sardine Fish

Dry Sardine Fish

Dry sardine fish is a valuable product that nowadays plays an important role in preparing poultry and livestock and aquatic feed. Sardines are high in protein and vitamins in the oceans and are part of the northern herring family and are caught in the Persian Gulf near the coast and in shallow seas. The sardine is mostly consumed in dried form and the following should be observed when drying the sardine:

1- Sardine fish has a finer texture and is highly susceptible to spoilers. If the process of drying or transporting fish is not fast, it will lose its quality.

2- The sardine must be fresh so the spoiled fish is not suitable for drying because it will damage and spoil its healthy fish.

3- Two methods of land or air are usually used to dry the fish completely. This small fish should be exposed to direct sunlight for drying for 5 to 10 days, depending on the temperature and humidity available. During this time, the fish are rotated to make the drying process of the fish faster and of a higher quality.

Usage of dry Sardine fish in industry

The Dry Dardine Fish has a great use for its Small size, which may include:

1- Production of sardine fish powder: Dry Sardine Fish in the fish meal factories undergo the milling process and are used for the production of livestock and poultry, aquatic feed and fertilizer for agriculture.

2- Edible uses: Dry sardine fish are Used in many food preparations including edible Sauces, Mahyaveh. One of the best traditional foods made by this Fish is Mahyaveh or Mahve, which is called Mashawi Arabic.

3- Health benefits: Health benefits of Sardine include maintaining blood sugar levels, maintaining mental health, providing minerals and vitamins to the body, reducing inflammatory, preventing heart disease and helping to lose weight, but these are not only Sardine properties but also strengthening the skin, strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of macular degeneration are other benefits of Sardine.

4- Animal consumption: Dry sardine fish is used as animal and poultry feed as well as aquatic feed due to its high nutritional value and high protein content.

Buy Dry Sardine Fish without go-between

Nowadays, with the availability of computers and smartphones connected to the Internet everywhere and at any time, it is not impossible to buy fish powder directly from the factory. For example, if you are resident in the north of the country, there is no limitation for buying it directly. Most people in the society believe that one of the reasons why goods are expensive is the high cost of go-betweens, and reducing them can reduce costs. That’s why many people are looking to buy directly from the factory. With the rise of online stores depending on the factory, purchasing Dried fish powder directly and without go-betweens has become an easy task.

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