Mahyaveh Fish Sauce

Mahyaveh ? We are happy to introduce a new Fish Sauce from Mahyaveh brand with these ingredients: Sardine Fish, Water and Herbal Compounds. This Sauce is completely organic and natural and is free of any human-make additives. We have preserved this experience along several generations and the result of these More than 60 Years experience is a formula that leads to a distinct. Now, we are proud to introduce this experience in the form of a new product to all the people around the world and share this enjoyment with them.

The Fish Sauce characteristics

Since the main ingredient of this Sauce is fish, its consumption can provide the necessary compounds for the body which were previously taken in through eating fish. In February 2012, Food Control Journal conducted a research on this product in Argentina, Buenos Aires and concluded that the average pH of this product is 6.7, which is significant when compare to water pH (7). In addition, this sauce contains considerable percentage of Several natural nutrients including Phosphor, Iron, Calcium and Fish oil.


Consuming Mahyaveh varies according to different tastes. Since this sauce is salty, one can use it as an alternative for salt on any king of food. Mahyaveh can also be consumed as a health and organic additive for different kinds of bread and foods. We integrate quality and taste in order to play a part in creating a healthy future generation.